Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Taking Time

An uneventful flight to London. I reached my B&B which is well located. Nothing special, but the hostess is nice.
Today I am taking time - something I don't do at home. Time for a walk, time for an art exhibit, time to sit over a coffee. Being in London again is amazing. It is a city I start to know quite well. The tube is no problem. I negotiate where I want to go - to Waterloo and then a lovely walk along the South Bank. It doesn't matte that is was cool There is a wonderful atmosphere - people aren't in a hurry except the joggers.

I sat in the cafe at the Tate Modern sipping a large cappuccino (needed the caffeine) after seeing an astonishing exhibit of Frida Kahlo's work. This was a very extensive collection - extremely well-presented. Her self-portraits are still my favourite, but it was an eye-opener to see some of her other work - graphic reactions to her miscarriage, explorations of Eastern beliefs, social commentaries. I sat at the cafe looking through a picture window - St. Paul's across the river digesting this powerful exhibit by a powerful artist.

Then more walking - just going where the spirit moved me. until I found this (Kinko's) place where I could add to my blog.

Hope to hear from the readers


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