Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More Stockholm

After the Vasa Museum we went for lunch in a lovely restaurant. The food was only typically Swedish in that we got lingen berry sauce on our chicken. It reminded me a bit of cranberry sauce. After lunch we drove around a bit.

Some facts:
We passed the city's first hospital. When it was founded there were 8 beds - 7 for men and one for women
We passed a streetcar with a coffee cup on top. It is a rolling cafe - you can get on, have a coffee and watch the city pass by.
Vikings take their names from Vik - meaning bay. They used to get together with their friends and travel from bay to bay.

The Old Town
We walked through the streets of the old town. The streets still follow the plan of the original city of the middle ages. In the centre of the old town is a square in which there is a fountain. All distances to Stockholm are measured to this point. The fountain in the square was the city's original water supply. A bloody incident happened there in 1550 when the Danes took over Sweden. The King of the Danes invited 100 Swedish noblemen to the a dinner and then had them arrested and beheaded in the square. One escaped and organized his countrymen to start a rebellion. It took 3 years but they defeated the Swedes. He became the first modern king of Sweden. The Nobel Prize museum is located on this square. It was originally the Stock Exchange built in the 1700s.

It is interesting to walk through the narrow streets, though it is now mainly tourists and shops that you see.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Susan, this is fun! I've been reading regularly, and enjoying the vicarious trip. The best part is knowing that you are having such a good time and for a while, Montreal is a distant concept!
The Vasa sounds terrific!

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