Sunday, July 10, 2005


This post covers a couple of days - part of my time in Brighton and the area around it. On the train I happened to sit beside a London policeman on his way home from work. He had been working for over 24 hours and had witnessed "things no one should ever have to witness". You have to admire the people who have been on the front lines of this crisis.

I have done a lot of walking here.
Went to Chichester and saw The Government Inspector by Gogol. It was well-acted. I am still trying to sort out the play.
Went to Evensong at the Cathedral. This was amazing. We sat in the "quire" with the choir boys right near us. The service was ethereal, peaceful, beautiful. This is a wonderful experience.

Today we went to have lunch in a country pub - The Tiger in East Dean. One of Gerry's colleagues and some visitors to the Institute from Mexico joined us. After lunch we took a long walk (about 4 - 5 miles) on the Downs. It was wonderful. You just walk through countryside, past the farm animals, wild flowers etc. We walked to the coast where the cliffs are chalk. The hills are called the Seven Sisters. We walked up one "Beachy Head" where the views were magnificent. It was a glorious day - sunny and warm. We stopped at a sheep farm for tea. Tired but feeling good.

It has been good to spend time with my brother.


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