Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Just Cruising

Leaving St. Petersburg you go through a fairly long canal. It was delightful to walk the ship - the sea sir, the water going by and at times land. As we made our way through the canal seagulls glided in the air currents created by our ship.

During dinner we were still going through the canal. We saw the pilot boat zip towards us - I don't know if he was picking up the pilot or letting him off. We went through quite a narrow canal eating at a table near a window. We passed people in a small boat fishing, a couple of barges going towards St. Petersburg. It is so relaxing to sit and watch the water go by. The days are so full of amazing sites, it is great to have down time to sit, to stroll or be entertained.

10:15 pm and still light outside. We passed what may be a fishing trawler. According to the ship's newsletter the horizon is about 13 nautical miles - and its clear enough to see it!


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