Saturday, August 13, 2005

Once more at sea

Time to rest, time to explore the ship, time on our hands.

In the morning we went to a “kitchen show” which was unimpressive. The humour was puerile and a “joke” cooking with hot pepper which made many in the audience cough, was not really funny. However, June’s friend had told us that one of the highlights of one of her trips was the kitchen tour. We were both very disappointed because the kitchen tour turned out to be a quick walk through part of the kitchen (and yes – you could buy a cookbook!)

We spent some time wandering the ship taking photographs so we could show our friends just how big everything was. It is hard to describe in words. It is not my world; I feel much more comfortable in more modest surroundings.. I have become quite tired of the constant push to spend money (tooth whitening, art auctions, the shipboard stores, photographs, books, the spa, classes at the gym, the casino, the bar, you name it!). This place is all about consumption.

The nicest part of the day was spent watching the water go by. We sailed past Copenhagen and saw the Great Belt suspension bridge – the second longest in the world. We passed many wind turbines. Denmark takes advantage of the wind for electricity.

It was another “formal” night, something I found quite arbitrary. Maybe it is different if you are there with a spouse and the evening seems special – time to go dancing. But as a single woman, I found it silly to have to dress up for dinner. Yet again, the camera crew was out taking formal portraits. I guess if you had a special reason to commemorate this trip (being with a big family group, a special occasion celebrated) it would be nice to have pictures. In my case, my digital photos will do me fine.

I much prefer the days when we are in a port.


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